Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama in France...and all over

So I read these headlines this morning...

Obama thanks Sarkozy for Afghan troops, says US loves France

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I have a few problems with these events. First and foremost, where does this Obama guy get off telling anyone that the US loves France? The US has not had much love for France since the Revolutionary War days. But especially since the last couple world wars. I never have to go far to meet someone with some good French jokes. Even my travels to Canada have revealed some people not-to-enamored with the French (and they have a French speaking province!). Further, France is more or less the biggest political rival of the US in Europe.

Getting beyond the simple misrepresentation face of it though, where does Obama get off playing president by making any sort of statement at all? He is not the President (yet anyway), he is not a duely appointed ambassedor, he is just a Senator. Senators have power to represent their state, but do not have the authority to go trapsing about the globe on campaign funds presuming to be spokesmen for the entire nation. I was willing to let the whole middle east tour slide as he didn't actually do anything there that I knew about that was really technically beyond his office. But this French visit and statements is clearly crossing a line.

Meanwhile, people in Congress are having "non-impeachment" hearings. What the @#$%^ is that??? Nobody is held accountable for anything anymore appearantly. The current president is accused of various crimes and clearly overstepping his authority, the appearant incoming president is commencing to do the same and nobody is willing to do anything about it or even try.

Sorry if it sounds like I really have my lacy french panties in a bunch...but this really irks me! (For the record, I don't actually wear lacy french panties...I leave that to the men who live in France)

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